Steel structures for industrial equipment

More than 30 years experience in the market

Components of filter systems

In recent years VMT Industry has produced a lot of large scale modules and structures for filtersystems. We are specialized in the production of air and dry filters.

Power stations powered by gas turbines, plasma cutting machine filters, shot chamber filters, welded smoke extraction filters etc.

Purpose in mainly one: to collect all pollution from the production process -but especially dust. We have experienced in finalizing the cleaning system for filters.


Containers, mixers and fermenters

To hold different bulk materials: from grain to sand.

Sometimes isolated with profiled sheet to prevent the product from freezing.

Depending on weather conditions, products are painted with acrylic, epoxy or polymer paint specified by ISO 12944. We also offer hot dip galvanization in accordance with ISO 1461.


Offshore and marine

For offshore industry we have produced fingerboards, ratholes, mouseholes, skeeds, platforms, ship doors, platform failings and other supporting structures.

Also tailor made winches, reels, powered saddles and various structures for pipe and riser handling equipment.

The industry demands thorough testing and documentation that`s usually done by a third-party.


Structural Components

We produce support structures and massive dynamic load-bearing frames that are fitted with components. These include underframes, enclosures, crane beams and other support structures.

Our clients are usually product development companies, who need partner capable of prototyping as well as batch production. We offer more and more assembly and erection services on site.



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