Components of large scale filtersystems

To collect all pollution from the producing process

Components and structures

In recent years VMT Industry has produced a lot of large scale modules and structures for different technologies and use cases. We are specialized in the production of air and dry filters. Biggest component has been 200 tons.

Special materials - heat resistant and stainless steel. We have certified welders who can work with these requirements to provide the service.


We subcontract custom container production. We are able to put clients order straight into production if provided with necessary drawings or create additional drawings in-house if needed. We also offer in-house or on-site assembly and transportation.

Containers eliminate space, weather, and accessibility constraints - mainly protects the generator from wind and rain.

Insulated ducts

We provide inlet outlet ducts and exhaust stack silencer solutions for gas turbines and diesel engines used for stationary and portable power generation applications.

Our ISO-certified manufacturing facilities assure quality while our transport service team transports components safely and on schedule. 

Ducts for filter systems

In recent years VMT Industry has produced ducts for the production of air and dry filters. 

We have certified our welders to be able to work with heat resistant materials and stainless steel. Carbon or stainless steel ducts are fabricated through rolling or extruded. Experience over 15 years.


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