Support structures for the equipment

Fitted with clients components

Support structures

2018 - 2019

The construction contains different parts:Steel structures, boilers, ash sites, platforms, fences, steps and different gratings.

We have produced wood chip boilers and which are usually hot dip galvanized.Constructed with stainless steel. For silos and plant houses

Lifting equipment

Used in metal industry, construction, shipbuilding, etc.

We have produced double girder bridge crane beams over 32 meters long but the dimensions are not limited. May weigh from 500 kilograms to 100 tonnes. The crane have been consisted of two end trucks, two bridge girders and the trolley hoist unit, which runs on rails on top of the bridge girders. 

Machinery frames

Our machinery frames be as simple as a basic aluminium profile skeleton to a complete turnkey solution and can be retro-fitted or stand-alone structures.

CHP combi station in Pärnu, Stone crusher frames, conveyor to concrete mixing plant.


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