The structure of your infrastructure

Producing and erecting bridge structures

Special Bridge Structures

What if your architect has come up with wonderful idea of a bridge with 25 tonn hydraulically rotated part in the middle to let the boats through? No worries - we have made several initially crazy sounding ideas come true. When others might decline projects, then we are excited about them.


Tied Arch Bridges

Tied arches allow for longer spans with no support structures underneath. The longer the span, the higher the arch and more rigorous the testing. Tied arch bridges are usually previously assembled on the site and installed all together. That dictates the need for careful erection planning as several cranes have to work in sync to raise the main structure in place.


Truss And Beam Bridges

For smaller spans good design thinking often allows you to save on material cost. It can cut down on the production thanks to simpler production route. Truss and beam structures enable to create closed tunnel-like structures for more convenient connections between buildings and other similar facilities.



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