Structures for public spaces

Public buildings, from simple to innovative

Helsinki university

2015 - 2016

Hidden Vierendeel truss installation behind second floor front wall. Truss weighted 22 tons. Installation was made during nighttime, because the streets had to be closed. Truss was installed with 360 tons hydraulic press. Client was SRV Rakennus Oy.

Helsinki Museum


Helsinki Museum is a great example of creative urban environment. Large steel domes produced and installed by VMT let light to an underground museum and also create interest and playfulness to the cityscape above.

Lövly Sauna

2015 - 2016
Although Lövly Public Sauna does not stand out with size among our references, it is certainly one of the more rewarding jobs that we've completed. 80 tons of structures offered an unique challenge with hundreds of bolt joints that had to be produced exactly to the specification in order to fit together on-site. Client: Qtio Oy



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